You asked: Why was there a rebellion in Upper Canada?

This view holds that the rebellion was caused by the inexcusable partisanship of lieutenant-governor Sir Francis Bond Head and the rash behaviour of William Lyon Mackenzie. Few historians see any necessary political connection with the rebellion in Lower Canada.

What caused the Rebellion in Upper and Lower Canada?

The Rebellions of 1837–1838 (French: Les rébellions de 1837), were two armed uprisings that took place in Lower and Upper Canada in 1837 and 1838. Both rebellions were motivated by frustrations with political reform.

What were the causes of the Rebellion?

Historians have identified diverse political, economic, military, religious and social causes of the Revolt of 1857 (First War of Indian Independence 1857). An uprising in several sepoy companies of the Bengal army was sparked by the issue of new gunpowder cartridges for the Enfield rifle in February 1857.

When was the Upper Canada Rebellion?

The Rebellion in Upper Canada was led by William Lyon Mackenzie, a Scottish-born newspaper publisher and politician who was a fierce critic of the Family Compact, an elite clique of officials and businessmen who dominated the running of the colony and its system of patronage.

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Where did the Upper Canada Rebellion take place?

Восстание в Верхней Канаде

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