Your question: Who designed the Ontario Trillium logo?

What is the logo on the new Ontario license plate?

The government is adopting a simpler trillium logo. The Ontario government introduced a new design for licence plates in its 2019 budget.

When did the Ontario logo change?

During the 1980s, the logo was imposed on a blue background. Modifications in 1994 included a change in colour to green, before it reverted to black in 2002. The logo was modified again in 2019, eliminating the box that surrounds the logo, and adding three abstract human figures to the design.

How much did the Ontario logo cost?

The cost of the redesign is $89,000, a senior government official told CBC News. The fee is “less than half of what the Liberals spent on the previous logo,” said the official.

What does the Ontario logo mean?

Adopted in 2000, the Ontario tartan is made up of four blocks of colour: red, white, three shades of green and two shades of blue. The shades of green represent the forests and fields of Ontario, while the blue represents the waters. The red represents its First Nations and the white, the sky over the province.

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What is the slogan for Ontario?

Plate types and serial formats no longer issued but still valid

Province/Territory Description Slogan
Nova Scotia blue on white “Canada’s Ocean Playground”
Nunavut none
Ontario blue on white with embossed crown separator “Keep It Beautiful”
blue on white with embossed crown separator “Yours to Discover”

Why are Ontario license plates blue?

The government hasn’t said when Ontario drivers will be able to replace their blue plates. … The blue plates, which were meant to symbolize a new government of “progress, growth, and prosperity,” according to government house leader Paul Calandra, were scrapped after widespread criticism.

The Primary logo (logo with the tagline) should be in used in all places, with one exception. … Although not recommended, if you must reproduce The Law Foundation of Ontario logo at this small of a size, use the Alternate logo, i.e. the logo without the tagline.

What animal represents Ontario?

Provinces and territories

Name Bird Animal (mammal)
Ontario Common loon
Prince Edward Island Blue jay Red Fox
Quebec Snowy owl
Saskatchewan Sharp-tailed grouse White-tailed deer

Where do they make license plates in Ontario?

The plates are produced with prison labour through Trilcor Industries, which gets its name from the words “trillium” (Ontario’s provincial flower), and “corrections.” Ontario Correctional Services has been producing licence plates for the province since the 1950s.

How much are the new Ontario license plates?

MGCS also manages the plate stock and distribution, with 3M Canada supplying the sheeting for the new plate design. The price of standard passenger plates, in both English and French, spiked from $3.60 per plate in September of 2019 to $4.54 per plate in January of 2020, before going back to $3.60 per plate in June.

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What does Ontario’s flag look like?

The flag of Ontario is a defaced Red Ensign. The flag was an adaptation of the Canadian Red Ensign, which had been the de facto national flag of Canada since 1867. … It features a green field with three gold maple leaves and above it, a white band with a red St. George’s cross.

Who designed the Ontario flag?

In late October, the co-designer of the Franco-Ontario flag, Gaétan Gervais, a Laurentian University history professor, died at age 74 in Sudbury.

Why is the trillium important to Canada?

Trillium grandiflorum (white trillium, white lily, wakerobin) flowers Apr-May in the hardwood forests of western and central Québec and in the lower Ottawa Valley, Ont. It has been the Provincial Floral Emblem in Ontario since 1937. The roots were valued for their astringent and antiseptic properties.