Your question: Is Ontario above or below sea level?

Is Ontario under sea level?

…the area of the province, Southern Ontario contains land of gentle relief. Its lowest area—on the Ottawa River—is only 150 feet (45 metres) above sea level, and its highest point—in the Blue Mountains south of Georgian Bay—is just over 1,770 feet (540 metres) in elevation.

Is the bottom of Lake Ontario above or below sea level?

Its name originated with the local Iroquois Indians’ word for “a beautiful lake” — which it still is. With a maximum depth of 802 feet, Ontario is the third deepest Great Lake after Lakes Superior and Michigan. It averages 283 feet deep at 245 feet above sea level and has a flushing time of about six years.

Is Ontario high altitude?

Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point of land in Ontario, at an estimated 693 m (2,274′) above sea level. It rises approximately 300 m (984′) above the immediate area. Toronto’s CN Tower’s top is almost the same height above sea level as the top of Ishpatina Ridge. It is 553.33 m high (1,815.4 ft).

Is Toronto on sea level?

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