Your question: Is Canada the only country that celebrates Thanksgiving in October?

But none of these is referred to as a giving of thanks. Canada’s is. … In 1879 Canada’s Parliament established a national Thanksgiving Day, though the exact date has varied. Since 1957 it has been celebrated on the second Monday in October (being further north, Canada’s harvest season starts earlier).

Which countries celebrate Thanksgiving in October?


Thanksgiving Day
Type National, cultural
Date 2nd Monday in October (Canada) 1st Thursday in November (Liberia) Last Wednesday in November (Norfolk Island) 4th Thursday in November (U.S. and Brazil)

How many countries celebrate Thanksgiving?

There are a whopping 17 countries that celebrate their own version of Thanksgiving. Some of the festivities commemorate colonial migrations to the Americas and others celebrate the start of a new lunar cycle to welcome in the harvest season.

Does Europe have Thanksgiving?

As you can tell from the above, the European thanksgiving observance is not anything like the more secular traditional family holiday and feast in Canada and the United States. Unless they live in a rural area or are church-goers, most Germans have only experienced Erntedankfest by seeing it on television.

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What country celebrates Thanksgiving on October 12th?

Thanksgiving (Canada)

Significance A celebration of being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the previous year.
Celebrations Spending time with family, feasting, religious practice, football (Thanksgiving Day Classic)
Date Second Monday in October
2020 date October 12

Is Thanksgiving only an American tradition?

Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year.

Who celebrates Thanksgiving the second Monday in November?

1. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October—and on a Monday. That’s right! Canadian Thanksgiving happens a full month and a half before American Thanksgiving, on the second Monday in October (Monday, October 11, 2021).

Who celebrates Thanksgiving around the world?

In China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, the celebration is tied to both giving thanks in some way and celebrating the harvest. The are the nine countries that celebrate thanksgiving. The other Thanksgiving Americans are most likely to be familiar with is the Canadian Thanksgiving.

Does Russia celebrate Thanksgiving?

In Russia a similar holiday exists called ‘Обжинки’, or Obzhynki; a Slavic harvest festival. In pre-Christian times, the feast usually fell on or after the autumn equinox following the end of the harvest season.

Does Germany celebrate Thanksgiving?

At the same date as in Canada, the Germans celebrate their Thanksgiving (Erntedankfest). During the celebration, which is usually held in a church but also regionally as a procession, crops, cereals, and fruit are decoratively arranged.

Does France have Thanksgiving?

Does France Celebrate Thanksgiving? Not only France doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but the majority of French people don’t have a clue about what Thanksgiving is, and how important it is a celebration for our friends to the West.

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Why is US and Canadian Thanksgiving different?

Aside from the origin stories, Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t much different than American Thanksgiving. The main difference these days is the timing. Because Canada is so much farther north, their harvest season begins much earlier than it does in the states.

Does Mexico celebrate Thanksgiving?

In Mexico, Thanksgiving is a religious holiday. It is seen by the Mexican people as a time to give thanks to God for all of the blessings they have been granted throughout the year. Before the meal begins, it’s common for each guest to deliver a short prayer of gratitude.

Is Thanksgiving a stat in Canada?

Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October and is an official statutory holiday, except in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

Is Canadian Thanksgiving always the second Monday in October?

Americans celebrate the holiday on the fourth Monday of November every year. The day is also celebrated in Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October, as that is when the Canadian harvest would be complete.

Is October 11 a holiday in Canada?

Thanksgiving Day in Canada has been a holiday on the second Monday of October since 1957.

Quick Facts.

This year: Mon, Oct 11, 2021
Type: Public Holiday 7 provinces and 3 territories Designated Retail Closing Day Nova ScotiaObservance Prince Edward IslandStatutory Holiday New Brunswick See table