What type of website provides information on Canadian statistics?

The Daily is Statistics Canada’s free online bulletin that provides current information from StatCan, updated daily, on current social and economic conditions.

Where does Stats Canada get their data?

Statistics Canada collects data directly from individuals and businesses, and when possible, uses existing data from government and private sector organizations.

Is Stats Canada a government website?

Statistics Canada is the national statistical office. The agency ensures Canadians have the key information on Canada’s economy, society and environment that they require to function effectively as citizens and decision makers.

Is Statistics Canada a scholarly source?

Health Reports, published by the Health Analysis Division of Statistics Canada, is a peer-reviewed journal of population health and health services research. … Health Reports had an impact factor of 3.358 for 2019 and a five-year impact factor of 3.351. All articles are indexed in PubMed.

Is Statistics Canada a database?

The SPSD is the only such integrated database in Canada. The SPSD was constructed by combining individual administrative data from personal income tax returns and unemployment claimant histories with survey data on family incomes, employment and expenditure patterns.

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Is Statistics Canada a reliable source?

Statistics Canada prides itself on the objectivity of the information it produces. … Statistics Canada has gone a long way in promoting reliability and professionalism. Many organizations across the world have given Statistics Canada the ranking of one of the top statistical agencies in the world.

Where does data come from statistics?

A numerical measurement based on a sample (usually reported as a result). A statistic always comes from a sample or a portion of the population.

Is Statistics Canada a primary source?

One trusted secondary source that we have in Canada is our government agency, Statistics Canada. According to their website, “Statistics Canada produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country – its population, resources, economy, society and culture.”

What is the purpose of Statistics Canada?

Statistics Canada has two main objectives: To provide statistical information and analysis about Canada’s economic and social structure to: develop and evaluate public policies and programs. improve public and private decision-making for the benefit of all Canadians.

Why does Statistics Canada keep calling?

We are mandated by the Statistics Act to conduct surveys to provide Canadians with accurate information on our society, economy and people. As a result, individuals who register their telephone numbers with the National Do Not Call List will continue to receive calls from Statistics Canada if they are part of a survey.

How do you cite statistics from a website in APA?

APA (American Psychological Association)

Point readers to raw data by providing a Web address (use “Retrieved from”) or a general place that houses data sets on the site (use “Available from”). Author/Rightsholder. (Year). Title of data set (Version number) [Description of form].

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How do you cite Statistics Canada articles?

author (author, principal investigator, corporate body or issuing agency responsible for content) title (full title including subtitle with descriptive phrases, dates, geographic information. Note the catalogue number for Statistics Canada documents or Vnumber and table number for CANSIM.)

How do you cite Statistics Canada in text?

An author–date text citation gives the last name of the author(s) and the year of publication in parentheses. Page, section or chapter information can also be inserted. When the author’s name is part of your text, only the year of publication and additional information is in parentheses.

Can statistics be a database?

CANSIM is a comprehensive database from Statistics Canada containing more than 52 million numeric time series covering a wide variety of social and economic indicators.

Who runs Statistics in Canada?

It is headquartered in Ottawa. The agency is led by the chief statistician of Canada, currently Anil Arora, who assumed the role on September 19, 2016. StatCan is responsible to Parliament through the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, currently François-Philippe Champagne.

How do I download data from Statistics Canada?

All the content previously residing on the official Statistics Canada website has been integrated into the new product line.

  1. Once you have retrieved your table, you can download data multiple ways.
  2. If you want to download data when you have initially first retrieved your table, then select the ‘Download options’ button.