Question: Who reads newspapers in Canada?

Daily newspapers continue to be strong news brands with 8 in 10 Canadians reading every week. The results of the latest release indicate that Canadians are still avid readers of newspaper content. Between 50 – 60% of Canadians read newspaper content every day, with print continuing to be the primary source.

How many people in Canada read the newspaper?

In 2020, Canada’s daily newspaper circulation (paid and free) stands at 19.6 million copies over the course of a week.

What is the most read paper in Canada?

List of newspapers in Canada by circulation

Rank Newspaper Daily average 2015
1 The Globe and Mail 336,487
2 Toronto Star 318,763
3 Le Journal de Montréal 232,332
4 National Post 186,108

How old are people who read newspapers?

The median age for all 204,000 respondents (only adults are interviewed) is 47.6 years (see table). The median age of a person reading a daily print newspaper is 57.9, which is younger than the median age for those who watched The Weather Channel (58.9), and the Fox News Channel (58.4) in the past week.

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What are the top 5 newspapers in Canada?

Top 10 Canadian Newspapers

  1. The Globe and Mail. Publisher: The Globe and Mail. …
  2. The Toronto Star. …
  3. National Post. …
  4. Toronto Sun. …
  5. Financial Post. …
  6. Vancouver Sun. …
  7. Montreal Gazette. …
  8. Calgary Herald.

Who owns most of the newspapers in Canada?

In 2020, there were 74 paid and free daily newspapers held by ownership groups in Canada, the majority of which were accounted for by Postmedia Network Inc./Sun Media with 33 papers. Meanwhile, second-ranked ownership group Torstar Corporation held seven newspapers, down from 12 in 2018.

Is Globe and Mail conservative?

Political stance

The Globe and Mail takes a center-right, red tory editorial stance. It is less socially liberal than its competitor, the Toronto Star.

Is the Toronto Sun a conservative newspaper?

Editorially, the paper frequently follows the positions of traditional Canadian/British conservatism and neo-conservatism in the United States on economic issues. Editorials typically promote individualism, self-reliance, the police, and a strong military and support for troops.

Does Canada have a national newspaper?

Canada currently has two major national newspapers: The Globe and Mail and National Post. … In large cities that have more than one daily newspaper, usually at least one daily is a tabloid format; bilingual cities like Montreal and Ottawa have important papers in both French and English.

Is the Globe and Mail Canadian?

The Globe and Mail, daily newspaper published in Toronto, the most prestigious and influential news journal in Canada.

Who prefers to read magazines younger or older? survey. “Because many established titles have seen the median age of their readers increase, there has been a misperception that magazine readers are getting older.” said Rebecca McPheters, President of McPheters & Company.

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Who is the audience of a tabloid newspaper?

“Broadsheets are designed for middle class people. Tabloids are aimed at working class people.

Do older people read newspapers?

In Australia in 2018, 40 percent of adults aged 35 and older said they had bought a printed newspaper within the last week. Notably, the same share of those under 35 said the same. Compared to two years previously, the share of under 35 has increased but the share of those over 35 buying newspapers has reduced.

What is the main newspaper in Vancouver?

Vancouver has two major English-language daily newspapers, The Vancouver Sun (a broadsheet) and The Province (a tabloid). Both are published by Postmedia Network.

Who owns the Globe and Mail newspaper in Canada?

The Globe and Mail is owned by Woodbridge, the investment arm of the Thomson family. The Globe has won more national newspaper awards than any other news organization in Canada, and has been honoured with multiple Michener Awards for public-service journalism.

What’s the most popular newspaper?

Top newspapers by circulation

Newspaper Country Circulation (thousands)
The New York Times USA 2,134
Guangzhou Daily China 1,880
Nanfang Daily China 1,853
Rajasthan Patrika India 1,812