Question: Are the Toronto Blue Jays moving to Buffalo?

The Toronto Blue Jays will be extending their stay at their adopted home in Buffalo, New York, through July 21. The team previously was committed to playing in Buffalo through July 4. The extension comes as the Blue Jays on Monday announced the release of their next batch of tickets for sale this week.

Why are the Blue Jays moving?

Blue Jays, now playing home games in Buffalo, hope to return to Toronto this season. … The Blue Jays made the shift north to escape the heat and humidity in Florida, after spending the first two months of the season playing out of their spring training site in Dunedin.

Will Blue Jays play in Buffalo in 2021?

The club has not played in Rogers Centre since Sept. 29, 2019. “After nearly two years away, the Toronto Blue Jays are finally coming home to Canada beginning July 30,” the club said in its statement. … The Blue Jays’ departure will not mean the end of baseball in Buffalo for 2021.

Why are Blue Jays going to Buffalo?

After not hosting a Major League Baseball game since its days as a Federal League outpost in 1915, Buffalo made the most of its opportunity, hosting the Toronto Blue Jays over two seasons because of coronavirus concerns.

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Are the Blue Jays relocating?

Blue Jays to Buffalo in June

The Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday announced that on June 1, its home location will move to Sahlen Field, home of the organization’s Triple-A affiliate Buffalo Bisons. … The Blue Jays played the majority of its 2020 regular season home games at Sahlen Field, finishing 17-9 at home.

Where are the Blue Jays moving?

After a Winding Journey, the Blue Jays Will Return to Canada. The team has been granted an exception to resume play in Toronto on July 30, with restrictions in place to help prevent coronavirus outbreaks. The last time the Blue Jays played a game at Rogers Centre, their stadium in downtown Toronto, was Sept. 29, 2019.

Where will Blue Jays play 2021?

The Toronto Blue Jays began the 2021 season playing their home games in both Dunedin, Florida and Buffalo, New York before eventually returning home to Toronto once the federal government gave the club the go-ahead to play North of the border.

Where are the Blue Jays staying in Buffalo?

The Blue Jays also said they have received approval from state and local health officials to allow for 80% capacity — more than 13,000 fans — at Sahlen Field starting June 24, with 95% of those seats reserved for those fully vaccinated.

Where will Buffalo Bisons play in 2021?

10 return to Sahlen Field; Thunder back home on Aug. 3. With the Toronto Blue Jays returning to Rogers Centre on July 30, two displaced teams–the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons and the MLB Draft League Trenton Thunder–will finish out their 2021 seasons at home.

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Why are the Blue Jays not playing in Toronto?

For 161 regular season and playoff games across two seasons, the Toronto Blue Jays left their nest and played without a true home after the Canadian government rejected the team’s request to play in Toronto during the pandemic, citing concerns over cross-border travel to and from the United States.

What state are the Toronto Blue Jays from?

Toronto, Canada
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