Question: Are NEXUS interviews open in Canada?

Centres in Canada, however, are closed and will continue to be shut down until further notice. “Starting today, conditionally approved applicants may schedule interviews at available NEXUS and U.S./Canada FAST enrolment centers in the United States,” the agency said in a statement.

Is NEXUS doing interviews in Canada?

NEXUS interviews resume at Enrollment Centers in the United States from November 29, 2021 but will REMAIN SUSPENDED in CANADA until further notice.

Are NEXUS enrollment centers open in Canada?

NEXUS and FAST enrolment centres in Canada remain closed.

Is NEXUS doing interviews right now?

Due to the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel at U.S. land borders, NEXUS and FAST-North interviews at U.S. and Canadian enrollment centers remain suspended until further notice.

Is NEXUS doing virtual interviews?

Eligible Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) members can now complete enrollment interviews with a CBP officer through video teleconferencing, while ensuring that the remote interview process maintains high security and privacy standards.

Are NEXUS applications open?

— U.S. Customs and Border Protection is pleased to announce that the NEXUS and U.S./Canada FAST enrollment centers in the United States will reopen on November 29, 2021. … NEXUS is a program run jointly between the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Customs and Border Protection.

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Is NEXUS still available?


At this time, NEXUS and FAST enrolment centres in Canada remain closed. NEXUS and FAST interviews will resume at enrolment centres in the US on November 29, 2021. Applicants wishing to schedule interviews can do so through their nearest US enrolment centre.

Where can I have my Nexus interview?

NEXUS Enrolment Centres

If you are in Canada, you can attend your NEXUS interview at any of the major airports or at one or the enrolment centres along the border with the US. If you are in the United States, the border enrolment centres will be closer for you, unless you are flying to Canada.

Is global entry still doing interviews?

Enrollment on Arrival, in which members returning from an international trip can complete their interview at 65 U.S. airports without an appointment, has remained operational throughout the pandemic.

Is the NEXUS line open at Pearson?

The NEXUS lane is temporarily closed. NEXUS members whose travel is essential should use the regular primary inspection lanes to seek entry to Canada. Until further notice, NEXUS is accepted in all lanes.

Does NEXUS include Global Entry 2021?

Does NEXUS include Global Entry and TSA PreCheck privileges? Yes. NEXUS members can take advantage of expedited entry into the United States via air with Global Entry and expedited security screenings when flying from a United States airport with TSA PreCheck.

Are Global Entry enrollment centers open?

Global Entry processing centers are reopening after a nearly six-month shutdown. … Global Entry is the gold standard for expedited reentry into the United States. It provides accelerated security and customs clearance to preapproved, low-risk travelers.

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Can you walk in to Global Entry interview?

How to qualify for a walk-in Global Entry interview. To qualify for a walk-in Global Entry interview, you must first apply for Global Entry and receive conditional approval. Then you’ll be able to schedule an interview. The application is quite extensive, so be prepared to spend ~30 minutes completing it.