Is WES required for Canadian degree?

Do I still required to do WES evaluation of my degree? No, not required for Canadian degrees. You must provide scans of your final transcript along with the degree/diploma.

Do I need ECA for Canadian degree?

Most people who apply for Canadian immigration need to submit a document verifying that their foreign degrees, diplomas, and certificates have a valid Canadian equivalent. This document is called an Educational Credential Assessment, or ECA for short. … Also, ECAs are not needed for Canadian credentials.

Is WES required for Canada student visa?

WES assessment is not a requirement for Study permit application. Although the University may ask for it when you apply for admission. If you are applying to a College program, 99% of them will not need ECA.

Is degree certificate mandatory for WES?

As per the WES website, a degree certificate is required for getting an equivalency done. Since the WES does not accept originals, copies of any document will need to be attested. The WES website also mentions that these “documents” (as in plural) need to be attested by the university.

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Do Canadian universities accept WES?

To the best of my knowledge WES isn’t accepted by Canadian universities for admissions. They want to see your original transcripts / educational documents.

Do I need WES for grade 12?

They need only for your degree and master degree or any diploma.

How long is WES valid?

Although WES standard reports do not have an expiry date, Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) reports for Canadian immigration purposes expire five years from the date of issue.

Does Canada student visa get rejected?

As per CIC, each year an average of 30% of the total student visa applications for Canada are rejected. Most of these rejections are based on some of the common reasons. The Canadian government has laid out stringency towards their student visa laws.

Does WES accept distance education?

The main factor is, WES only accepts the degree if you have completed your course from the University which has all the mandatory recognitions in distance education.

Why is WES required?

If you are seeking education or employment opportunities in the United States or Canada, then you will want an accurate record of your existing academic credentials. … WES provides credential evaluations that verify the authenticity of your documents.

What if my college is not listed in WES?

Hi , If your university is not listed in Canadian wes list then its waste of time to apply and paying money, You will will not get report and if you got also its not valid . If it is recognized then only they will accept and give you equivalent report .

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Can I send my degree certificate directly to WES?

Those who want to submit the document proofs of the education qualification for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to the World Education Services(WES) may upload their degree certificate directly on the WES website now.

Do all universities require WES?

It depends on the universities you apply to; each institution has different standards for admission. Contact schools directly to find out if they have specific admission requirements for those with degrees from India. Many universities in North America require a credential evaluation if you studied in India.

Does University of Toronto require WES evaluation?

No WES Assessment required for applicants who completed their studies in the US.