Is Ontario or Texas Bigger?

Texas is 695,662 km², and clearly smaller than Ontario. In fact, most of Texas can fit in Ontario.

How big is Ontario compared to Texas?

Ontario (Canada) is 1.55 times as big as Texas (US)

Is Ontario bigger than any US state?

United States is 8.5 times larger than Ontario (Canada).

What state is the size of Ontario?

Out of all the regions in Canada, northern Alberta is most like Texas in both attitude and friendliness, which is why we chose Texas as our retirement state of choice.

Is UK bigger than Ontario?

United Kingdom is 0.23 times as big as Ontario (Canada)

Is Ontario bigger than Alaska?

Ontario (Canada) is 0.63 times as big as Alaska (US)

Located in Central Canada, it is Canada’s most populous province, with 38.3 percent of the country’s population, and is the second-largest province by total area (after Quebec).

How large is Texas?

Canada is about 15 times bigger than Texas.

Texas is approximately 678,052 sq km, while Canada is approximately 9,984,670 sq km, making Canada 1,373% larger than Texas. Meanwhile, the population of Texas is ~25.1 million people (12.5 million more people live in Canada).

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Which province is bigger than Texas in Canada?

States & Provinces Ranked by Area

Rank State / Province Land Area (sq. miles [sq. km])
8 Saskatchewan (SK) 367,647 [952,201]
9 Manitoba (MB) 343,964 [890,862]
10 Yukon (YT) 294,773 [763,458]
11 Texas (TX) 261,797 [678,051]

Is Ontario bigger than Mexico?

Mexico is 1.83 times as big as Ontario (Canada)

Is Texas the biggest state?

Texas is the second largest state in the United States by both land area and population.

Is Ontario bigger than Iran?

Iran is 53% larger than Ontario (Canada).

What’s the capital of Canada?

Ottawa. Canada’s capital is also the second-largest city in Ontario with a regional population of close to 1.5 million people. Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as Canada’s capital in 1857 as it was a defensible location situated on the border between Quebec and Ontario – the two provinces making up the country at the time.

What state is Ontario comparable to?

Ontario is bordered by the province of Manitoba to the west, Hudson Bay and James Bay to the north, and Quebec to the east and northeast, and to the south by the U.S. states of (from west to east) Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Demonym(s) Ontarian
Official languages English
• Rank 1st

Is Alberta bigger than Texas?

Alberta (Canada) is 0.95 times as big as Texas (US)

Alberta’s area is approximately 660,000 square kilometres (250,000 sq mi).