How many Canadian rivers are there?

According to Canadian Geographic, there are more than 8,500 named rivers in Canada.

How many major rivers does Canada have?


# Name Length
1 Mackenzie River 4,241 km 2,635 mi
2 Yukon River 3,185 km 1,979 mi
3 Saint Lawrence River 3,058 km 1,900 mi
4 Nelson River 2,575 km 1,600 mi

What is the oldest river in Canada?

Since the Firth Valley was never glaciated, the Firth River has been called the oldest river in Canada.

What is the cleanest river in Canada?

Unique Rouge River Watershed Feature Watershed Feature: The Rouge is The Rouge is the cleanest river system in Toronto the cleanest river system in Toronto.

Why is it called Canadian River?

Wright wrote that the Canadian River was named about 1820 by French traders who noted another group of traders from Canada (Canadiens) had camped on the river near its confluence with the Arkansas River.

What are the 5 major rivers in Canada?

Mackenzie, Yukon, St. Lawrence, Columbia, and Saskatchewan are among the five major Canadian rivers.

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What are the 10 major rivers in Canada?

Longest Rivers in Canada

  1. Mackenzie River: 4,241 km. Mackenzie River. …
  2. Yukon River: 3,185 km. Yukon River. …
  3. Nelson River: 2,575 km. Nelson River. …
  4. Columbia River: 2,000 km. Columbia River. …
  5. Saskatchewan River: 1,939 km. Saskatchewan River. …
  6. Peace River: 1,923 km. Peace River. …
  7. Churchill River: 1,609. …
  8. South Saskatchewan River: 1,392 km.

What is the smallest river in Canada?

The shortest river in Canada, and the second shortest in the world, is the Powell River in B.C at only 500 metres long.

What is Canada’s largest lake?

Largest Lakes in Canada

  • Great Bear Lake: 31,328 km. …
  • Great Slave Lake: 28,568 km. …
  • Lake Erie: 25,700 km. BESbswy. …
  • Lake Winnipeg: 23,750 km. BESbswy. …
  • Lake Ontario: 18,960 km. BESbswy. …
  • Lake Athabasca: 7,935 km. BESbswy. …
  • Reindeer Lake: 6,650 km. BESbswy. …
  • Nettilling Lake: 5,542 km. BESbswy.

What is the name of Canada’s deepest lake?

Great Slave Lake (2,015 feet [614 meters])

The Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

What is the deepest river in Canada?

Deep River is opposite the Laurentian Mountains and the Province of Quebec. The name Deep River purportedly derives from the fact that the Ottawa River reaches its greatest depth of 402 feet (123 m) just outside the township.

Deep River, Ontario.

Deep River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
County Renfrew
Founded 1944

How many lakes are in Canada?

Recent surveys suggest that there may be as many as 2 million lakes in Canada. About 7.6% of Canada’s nearly 10 million km2 is covered by fresh water; enough water is contained by these lakes and rivers to flood the entire country to a depth of over 2 m.

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What is the capital city of Canada called?

Description. An easy, fun float trip on the west side of OKC? Not many people even know about this one! Start in Yukon and follow the North Canadian River through the Stinchcomb back to Lake Overholser. This 8 mile float is dependent on rain so check the gauges (river level) before you head out!

Are there fish in the Canadian River?

Biological Surveys: The Canadian River is home to several imperiled species of fish that when coupled with close proximity to universities conducting aquatic research have made it the site of numerous fish community studies.

Does the Canadian River run through Texas?

From headwaters in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, the Canadian River flows across the northern Panhandle of Texas to its confluence with the Arkansas River in Oklahoma. Smaller streams in the basin include Punta De Agua, Palo Duro, and Wolf creeks.