How do I reschedule my VFS appointment Canada?

How do I reschedule my VFS appointment?

Rescheduling an appointment: You are allowed to reschedule your appointment 1 working day prior to your scheduled date.

Please email us at in case you face any issues while scheduling your appointment with the following details:

  1. Name.
  2. Passport number.
  3. Contact number.

How can I reschedule my Canadian visa appointment?

If you are not available on the date and time of your appointment, write us a letter of explanation. Send this letter to the IRCC office that scheduled your original appointment. You can send this letter by mail, or online, using this Web form. We will reschedule your appointment on a different date.

How do I reschedule my biometrics appointment VFS Canada?


  1. 1.Schedule an appointment:To schedule an appointment use Schedule an appointment link on the left menu.
  2. Reschedule an appointment: To reschedule an appointment, user need to have the reference number with valid future appointment.

What happens if you miss your VFS appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment (for a future date only) and up to a maximum of two times. If you are late or have missed your appointment on the scheduled day, the system will not allow you to reschedule or cancel, and you will be required to book a new appointment after 24 hours.

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Can I change VFS Centre?

It is unfortunately not possible to exchange appointments. You can at any time cancel your appointment and book a new appointment through the appointment system.

Can I go to VFS without appointment?

Walk in Without Appointment

If you are in need of making an application on an urgent basis, or are running out of time to submit your visa application, walk into the centre and opt for this service. The VFS Global will process your visa application without a pre-booked appointment.

Can I reschedule my biometrics appointment over the phone?

If you are unable to attend your scheduled biometric services appointment for good cause, you may request to reschedule your appointment by calling the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833).

Can you reschedule an immigration interview?

To reschedule your interview, you will have to go directly to a USCIS office and speak to an immigration officer and explain your difficulty. … If the immigration officer considers your reason, your interview may be rescheduled and you will receive a new interview notice.

Can I reschedule biometrics appointment online?

You can always contact USCIS by phone or online inquiry to request a new notice, instead. Be prepared to give a good reason for missing the appointment. USCIS does not look kindly on people who simply fail to show up and then expect to be granted a reschedule.

Can I cancel my biometrics appointment?

If your biometric collection appointment was booked without having a Biometrics Instruction Letter, please cancel the appointment immediately or contact the VAC by email and we will cancel the appointment on your behalf. … The appointment booked using the appointment system is only for biometrics collection purpose.

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How long does it take to get a biometrics appointment 2021?

It might take anywhere between 4 – 12 weeks to receive a biometric appointment notice after filing your application with USCIS.

Can I cancel and reschedule visa appointment?

Cancel a U.S. Visa Appointment

A U.S. visa appointment can be canceled at any time. … The visa application fee isn’t refunded for a canceled U.S. visa appointment. An appointment can also be rescheduled, only once, for a later date.

How do I cancel my VFS visa appointment?

CANCELLATION OF APPOINTMENT: Please send email to from the same email ID mentioned in the appointment confirmation, requesting to cancel the appointment with subject “REQUEST TO CANCEL APPOINTMENT”. Attach appointment confirmation and current passport copy with the email.