Frequent question: Which department is responsible for licensing frequencies in Canada?

Industry Canada is the federal government department that is responsible for planning and managing all frequencies in the radio spectrum and all aspects of radio systems, including equipment and towers.

Who regulates radio frequencies in Canada?

1. What does the term “licence-exempt” mean? The Radiocommunication Act gives Industry Canada the authority to regulate radiocommunications in Canada. Under the Act, the use of most radiocommunication devices requires that a radio authorization, typically a licence, first be obtained from Industry Canada.

What is Spectrum Management Canada?

Spectrum Management and Telecommunications program is the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada that is responsible for setting radio and telecommunications standards and certifying that radio apparatus and equipment meet these standards.

Which government body oversees the management and allocation of spectrum in Canada?

3.1 Government Mandate

The Minister of Industry, through the Department of Industry Act, the Radiocommunication Act and the Radiocommunication Regulations, with due regard to the objectives of the Telecommunications Act, is responsible for spectrum management in Canada.

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What frequency is used in Canada?

3.65 GHz. A license-required potion of Canada’s spectrum, the 3.65 GHz band is generally used to support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems.

Who owns spectrum in Canada?

Rogers Communications Inc., which is awaiting regulatory approval of its deal to acquire Shaw Communications Inc. for $26-billion, including debt, spent the most of the large telecoms, shelling out nearly $3.33-billion to acquire 325 spectrum licences.

What are spectrum licenses?

Definition. A spectrum license is permission given by a government agency (such as the U.S. Federal Communications Commission) to an entity that gives that entity exclusive rights to use a frequency band for a particular application, such as radio broadcasting.

Is there spectrum in Canada?

“More than five billion devices are already using spectrum to keep us connected. … This is what the Government of Canada does – it manages the spectrum so that Canadians can benefit from new wireless technologies and applications and all they have to offer..

What is radio spectrum management?

Spectrum Management is the art and science of managing the use of the radio spectrum in order to minimize interference and ensure radio spectrum is used to its most efficient extent and benefit for the public.

What is spectrum telecom sector?

Spectrum relates to the radio frequencies allocated to the mobile industry and other sectors for communication over the airwaves. Additional frequencies, including both coverage and capacity bands, means mobile operators can connect more people and offer faster speeds. …

What frequency is 5G in Canada?

Frequency, antenna and bandwidth

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For 5G, we are looking at frequencies above 6 GHz, where there is a lot of spectrum available. The frequency band we are currently using at Ottawa City Hall is 28 GHz. The bandwidth for the 28 GHz band is about 1 GHz.

What LTE bands are used in Canada?

The four main LTE bands in use in Canada right now are:

  • Band 12/17 (700Mhz)
  • Band 13 (700Mhz)
  • Band 4 (1700/2100Mhz)
  • Band 7 (2500/2600Mhz)

What is flexible use spectrum?

❑ Flexible use – non-restrictive approach, which allows the spectrum user to. choose services and technology. ❑ Exclusive use by a particular service, such as mobile or broadcasting, should. be removed (from the Framework Directive)

How do I get radio frequency in Canada?

In order obtain a licence to install and operate a radio station in Canada, diplomatic missions must submit a request to the Office of Protocol of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Such request, along with the completed form, can be submitted by way of Note verbale or by email at Office of Protocol.

What radio frequencies are legal?

The Family Radio Server (FRS) authorizes 22 channels in the 462 MHz and 467 MHz range, and it is available without a license. This device can operate outside those frequencies. Using these outside that frequency in the US could land you with fines, loss of device, or worse.

Who owns the electromagnetic spectrum?

The Communications Act of 1934 grants authority for spectrum management to the President for all federal use (47 USC 305). The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) manages the spectrum for the Federal Government.

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