Frequent question: Is Ottawa the second largest city in Ontario?

What is the 2nd biggest city in Ontario?

List of population centres in Ontario

Rank Population centre Population (2016)
1 Toronto 5,429,524
2 Ottawa–Gatineau (ON/QC) 989,567
3 Hamilton 693,645
4 Kitchener 470,015

Is Ottawa the second largest city in Canada?

As of 2016, Ottawa had a city population of 934,243, making it the fourth-largest city, and a metropolitan population of 1,476,008 and the fifth-largest CMA in Canada.

Country Canada
Province Ontario
Established 1826 as Bytown
Incorporated 1855 as City of Ottawa

Is Toronto or Ottawa bigger?

Greater Toronto Area is 2.56 times as big as Ottawa (Canada)

What is Canada’s 2nd largest city?

By population rank

Rank Population centre Province
1 Toronto Ontario
2 Montreal Quebec
3 Vancouver British Columbia

Is Hamilton bigger than Ottawa?

Only communities that were incorporated as cities at the time of each census are presented.


Rank City Population
2 Toronto, Ontario 181,220
3 Quebec, Quebec 63,090
4 Hamilton, Ontario 48,980
5 Ottawa, Ontario 44,154

What are the 3 largest cities in Ontario?

The 10 Biggest Cities in Ontario by Population

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Rank City Population (2016)
1 Toronto 2,731,571
2 Ottawa 934,243
3 Mississauga 721,599
4 Brampton 593,638

Which city is bigger Calgary or Ottawa?

Ottawa is tied with Calgary for the 39th-most dense city, with 272.5 people per square kilometre. … Nationally, the 2016 census data showed Canada’s population of 35.15 million is settling in the bigger cities, ensuring they and their suburban neighbours keep growing, while small cities get smaller.

What is the largest city of Canada?

Largest Cities in Canada by Population

  1. Toronto: 2,731,571. BESbswy. BESbswy. …
  2. Montreal: 1,704,694. BESbswy. BESbswy. …
  3. Calgary: 1,239,220. BESbswy. BESbswy. …
  4. Ottawa: 934,243. BESbswy. BESbswy. …
  5. Edmonton: 932,546. BESbswy. BESbswy. …
  6. Mississauga: 721,599. BESbswy. BESbswy. …
  7. Winnipeg: 704,224. BESbswy. BESbswy. …
  8. Vancouver: 631,486. BESbswy. BESbswy.

What is the largest city in Canada in area?


Rank Municipality Status
1 La Tuque Ville
2 Senneterre Ville
3 Rouyn-Noranda Ville
4 Val-d’Or Ville

Is Edmonton bigger than Ottawa?

The Edmonton area’s surging metro population is now larger than Ottawa-Gatineau, making it the fifth most populous urban region in Canada.

How big is the city of Ottawa?

Montreal is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is the largest city in the province, the second-largest in Canada and the 9th-largest in North America.

Is Ottawa capital of Canada?

Ottawa became the functional legislative capital in 1866, and was officially made the Capital of the Dominion of Canada with Confederation in 1867.

What is Canada’s largest city and the capital of Ontario?

Toronto. Ontario’s capital city, Toronto, is Canada’s most populous municipality with nearly 3 million people. The city is also ranked as one of the most multicultural in the world with half of its population born outside Canada. Over 140 languages and dialects are spoken here.

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What are the 5 biggest cities in Canada?

Canada’s Five Largest Cities

  • Toronto, Ontario – 6.2 million. Toronto, Ontario. …
  • Montréal, Québec – 4.2 million. Montreal, Quebec. …
  • Vancouver, British Columbia – 2.6 million. Vancouver, British Columbia. …
  • Calgary, Alberta – 1.5 million. Calgary, Alberta. …
  • Edmonton, Alberta – 1.4 million. Edmonton, Alberta.