Frequent question: How many people in Canada have mobile phones?

There were 33 million mobile subscribers in Canada in 2019. 86.1% of Canadian households have at least one smartphone. There will be 31.88 million smartphone users in Canada in 2021.

How many people have mobile devices in Canada?

As web-enabled smartphones and tablets have also become a portable gateway to the rest of the world, mobile usage is rapidly increasing throughout Canada, with more mobile devices finding their way into consumers’ hands than ever before: As of 2021, the number of mobile internet users in Canada stood at 33.7 million, …

How many Canadians do not have cell phones?

According to this graph, a full 25% of Canadian adults still aren’t part of the cell phone collective. Meanwhile, another 9% are happy with a dumb feature phone (I’m looking at you, Dad.) Canada is way, way behind the UK where only 5% or mobile-phone free and the US (6%).

What percent of Canadians own a cell phone?

86 percent of Canadians own a smartphone, says CTA report. According to the latest stats from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which is the same organization that puts on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Canadians love technology, specifically smartphones.

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How many kids have phones Canada?

25% of Grade 4 students have cellphone: Canadian survey. A survey of more than 5,400 Canadian kids in grades 4 through 11 found a majority had their own cellphone, while nearly one in four of the youngest children owned a mobile device.

How many people in Canada own a computer?

As Table 1.4 on Open Data shows, most Canadian households have home computers (84.1%). Overall, slightly more households owned mobile phones (87.9%) than home computers (84.1%) in 2016.

How many wireless subscribers does Canada have?

Number of mobile/wireless subscribers Canada 2010-2020

In 2020, the number of mobile subscribers in Canada reached 33.05 million, a slight decrease compared to the previous year when it amounted to 33.19 million subscribers.

What will Canada’s population be in 2021?

United Nations projections are also included through the year 2100. The current population of Canada in 2021 is 38,067,903, a 0.86% increase from 2020.

What age group uses their phones the most?

By age group, smartphone penetration is the highest among ages 18- to 24-year-olds, at a staggering 93 percent.

What age do kids have phones Canada?

Close to two-thirds of Canadians surveyed say 15 is the right age, but many parents and parenting experts say children as young as 10 or 11 (in Grade 6 or 7) can be responsible enough to have a phone.