Frequent question: How do I use Shippo in Canada?

Shippo customers shipping packages within Canada or to the US can simply opt into the Canada Post master account when purchasing a label (or on the carrier settings page) to instantly access the best possible service for their shipping needs.

Does Shippo work for Canada?

Shippo offers pre-negotiated Canada Post rates through our master account, delivering hassle-free discounts so e-commerce merchants can save while focusing on growing their businesses. You can also connect your own account for 85+ other carriers with our shipping software, so you can compare rates for every package.

How do I link my Shippo to Canada Post?

Navigate to the Carriers Page in Shippo by clicking on Settings and then Carriers in the left navigation panel. Click on +Connect Carrier Account at the top of the page. Select Canada Post. Enter your Canada Post Customer Number.

Can an individual use Shippo?

You do not have to be a business to use Shippo—anyone can sign up! Any individual can use Shippo for personal shipping. You’ll need an “order” to create a shipping label: create one by manually typing in the sender and recipient address details.

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How do I get stuff from the US to Canada?

If you’re just shipping to Canada, it’s best to pick USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Only choose DHL if you’re sending a package to another continent. Also, the U.S. standard shipping to Canada usually takes 6 to 10 days, while the U.S. to Canada shipping cost depends on the shipping carrier.

Should I use Shippo?

The Bottom Line. If you’re looking for a company to help you streamline your shipping processes and free up your time for other things, Shippo is a great option. Printing labels, tracking packages, communicating with your customers, facilitating returns, analyzing the data, and more are all possible with Shippo.

How do you pay for Shippo?

Navigate to the Billing Tab by clicking on Settings and then Account on the left navigation panel in the web app. Then, click on Billing along the top menu.

We accept the following payment methods to pay for your purchases in Shippo:

  1. traditional Credit Cards.
  2. traditional Debit Cards.
  3. ACH direct billing (U.S banks only)

What is Shippo and how does it work?

Shippo is a shipping platform that simplifies eCommerce processes. By integrating Shippo shipping with your shopping cart and marketplaces, you can easily import orders, purchase shipping labels, and print packing slips.

Is go shippo legit?

“Shippo is a reliable and easy to use third party shipping integrator”

Is Shippo account free?

All Shippo customers start with the free Starter Plan and pay only the cost of postage – plus a $0.05 per label transaction fee. All Shippo customers can try out the Pro Plan for free on the 30-day free trial.

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Is Shippo completely free?

No, there are no hidden fees. You’ll either pay the per label (if applicable) or subscription fee, plus the cost of postage and insurance.

Where can I drop off my Shippo package?

If you prefer, you can also drop your package at the Post Office, or one of the carrier’s locations. Just make sure the zip code on your package is the same as, or close to, the zip code of the carrier location where you drop your package.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Canada?

The USPS is generally the most affordable way to ship to Canada for light parcels. Once they reach the border, USPS hands the parcels over to Canada Post (the Canadian equivalent of USPS) for final delivery.

Can you mail to Canada with a US stamp?

International Letter Shipping — USA to Canada

Again, the simplest way to mail letters from the USA to Canada is with the Global Forever Stamps.

How do I avoid duty fees when shipping to Canada?

Shipping international packages by regular post is another way to avoid high brokerage fees. Canada Post charges $9.95 on all dutiable or taxable mail and has arrangements with postal services in other countries such as the United State Postal Service for clearing packages.