Frequent question: Can you rent a car at 17 in Canada?

While every rental car company has their own policies for young renters, the minimum age to rent a vehicle with Hertz is 20 throughout Canada, and 18 in Quebec. In the U.S. the minimum renting age is 20 in all states except New York and Michigan where it is 18 years of age.

Can a 17 year old rent a car in Canada?

Generally, the minimum age to rent a vehicle in Canada is 21, except in Saskatchewan and/or Quebec, where it is 18. Note that in most provinces you are able to rent a car if you are over 21 years old, however an Underage Fee will apply to those under 25, which may be subjected to tax and surcharges.

Can you rent a car at 17 in Ontario?

The minimum age to rent a car in Canada is 19 years old. This means that car rental for under 21 on the Canadian territory is officially authorized. … Another limitation for the underage renters is a possible restriction on the pick up of such classes of cars as 7-seater minivans, SUVs, and luxury vehicles.

Does Hertz rent cars to 18 year olds?

On most retail rentals at corporate locations and participating licensee locations, the minimum age is 25 years old without an additional Age Differential Charge. You can however rent a vehicle from 18 years old with an additional Age Differential Charge.

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At what age can I rent a car in Canada?

In order to rent a car in Canada, you must be at least 21 years old and have held your license for a minimum of one year (restrictions may vary upon the car rental category and supplier).

Can an 18 year old drive a rental car?

The minimum age requirement when renting a car in the United States is 25 years old. However, most major car rental companies allow drivers below 25 years old to drive a rental car as long as they pay the underage driver fee and meet all the requirements.

Can I hire a car at 17?

The minimum age for hiring a car is 18 years old, but drivers between the age of 18-24 are typically required to pay a daily young driver surcharge. This is usually to be paid at the time of pick up. … Under 25s will be subject to a daily surcharge.

Is there an age limit on car hire?

Rental companies vary in how they treat older drivers. Some have an upper age limit for renting, while others charge a senior driver fee (often from age 70). The good news is that many rental companies don’t have any upper age restrictions. … Renting a car when you’re 70 or over is usually easy.

At what age can you hire a car?

Most companies will add a daily surcharge for drivers who are under 25, and some will only provide a limited choice of smaller vehicles to choose from. In the rest of Europe the minimum age for hiring a car varies between 18 and 21, while in the USA the minimum age for car hire is generally 21.

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