Do we have counties in Ontario?

A county government is a federation of the local municipalities within its boundaries. Counties are referred to as “upper tier” municipalities. Counties exist only in southern Ontario.

What are counties called in Ontario?

Counties are only found in Southern Ontario.


Counties of Ontario
Number 22
Populations 18,062 (Haliburton) – 479,650 (Simcoe)
Areas 1,486.44 km² (Dufferin) – 7,448.57 km² (Renfrew)
Government County government

Does Toronto have a county?

York County is a historic county in Upper Canada, Canada West, and the Canadian province of Ontario.

Historic municipalities.

Type of municipality Township
Name of municipality Toronto
Year severed from York County 1851
Present municipality City of Mississauga City of Brampton
Present upper-tier government Peel Region

Where is the county in Ontario Canada?

Ontario County was the name of two historic counties in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Ontario County (1852-1973)

Ontario County
Province Ontario Canada West (1852-1867)
Established 1852 (created from York County)
Dissolved 1974 (reorganized into the Regional Municipality of Durham)
Seat Whitby

Do we have counties in Canada?

So technically, Canada doesn’t have “counties,” they have “Census Geographic Units” but they serve essentially an identical purpose a counties do here in the states. … Here are the 17 Canadian census geographic regions in order of population: Toronto, Ontario. Metro Vancouver, British Columbia.

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How many counties are there in Ontario?

These upper-tier municipalities include 19 counties, 3 united counties and 8 regional municipalities or regions, all of which represent 30 of Ontario’s 49 census divisions.

Upper-tier municipalities.

Name Province of Ontario
2016 Census of Population Population (2011) 12,851,821
Change +4.6%
Land area (km²) 908,699.33

What is a county in Canada?

The County is the principal division of land subordinate to the province in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Québec and Ontario. In Nova Scotia the county remains a rural administrative unit, with some of the counties divided into districts for municipal purposes. …

What is the largest county in Ontario?

Renfrew County is also the largest county in terms of area in Ontario, ahead of Hastings County.

How many towns are in Ontario?

Ontario has 89 towns that had a cumulative population of 1,813,458 and an average population of 22,316 in the 2016 Census. Ontario’s largest and smallest towns are Oakville and Latchford with populations of 193,832 and 313 respectively.

Is Ontario a city or province?

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