Can you feed pigeons in Toronto?

The city says it prohibits the feeding of wildlife, but only in parks. It also requires tenants to keep their balconies free of droppings, but not of bird seed.

Is it legal to feed pigeons in Toronto?

Text: TORONTO — Feeding pigeons on public and private property may soon be illegal in Toronto. … There is no law in Toronto that prohibits the feeding of wildlife outside of city parks, prompting Wong-Tam to write there is a “pressing need” to review current bylaws and extend the prohibition on feeding wildlife.

Is it illegal to feed pigeons in a residential area?

Many problems arise when neighbours overfeed birds, which can attract lots of pigeons. There are no laws the Council can use to stop people feeding birds. … Excessive feeding can actually harm pigeons as it can cause overcrowding at feeding sites, and promote the spread of disease among birds.

Is it illegal to feed birds in Toronto?

The motion for a crackdown on public pigeon-feeding goes beyond parks to ban the feeding of these social and intelligent birds anywhere within the City of Toronto.

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Is Feeding Birds illegal in Ontario?

Wild animals should derive their food and shelter from natural habitats and under natural conditions. … For these reasons, it is illegal in many municipalities (including London, Ontario) to excessively feed wildlife. The general rule is: Do not feed wildlife.

Is it illegal to feed wildlife in Toronto?

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There are no specific City bylaws that restrict the feeding of wildlife outside of a City park. Feeding wildlife can be harmful to both people and animals. The City educates and warns residents first, but if this does not stop the behaviour, further action can be taken.

Can you keep pigeons as pets in Toronto?

The keeping of pigeons on your property is permitted in the City of Toronto, however you must comply with the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 349 (see below). … Reporting banded pigeons, please see the Government of Canada website.

Can I keep pigeons in my back garden?

Pigeons can be kept in a loft or in a purpose built coop in your shed, garden or backyard. Pigeons are quite tolerant of the cold so being in these environments is fine for them, however they do need to be kept dry so ensure their home is waterproof.

What happens if I stop feeding pigeons?

Nothing will happen

If you indeed stop feeding birds that come to your garden on a daily basis, it could be that absolutely nothing happens. Not in terms of wild birds going without would result in them starving, but what can only really happen is birds would stop turning up.

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Where can you feed pigeons?

You can usually find pigeon-formulated commercial feed online or at feed stores rather than pet stores. Pellets are considered to be the ideal pigeon food because they have nutrients like calcium that seeds lack.

Where can I feed birds in Toronto?

Best feeding birds in Toronto, ON

  1. Scarborough Bluffs. Parks. 61 Under Cliff Drive. …
  2. Riverdale Farm. Zoos, Parks, Farms. 201 Winchester Street. …
  3. Toronto Humane Society. Animal Shelters. 11 River Street. …
  4. High Park. 150. …
  5. Bluffer’s Park. Parks. …
  6. Birdwatch. Pet Stores. …
  7. Earl Bales Park. Dog Parks. …
  8. Annex Cat Rescue. Animal Shelters, Pet Adoption.

Why is feeding birds illegal?

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage warns against feeding birds due to the detrimental effects of malnutrition (from eating inappropriate food), the potential for the spread of disease and the likelihood of their becoming pests. Some councils issue fines for feeding in certain circumstances.

Is it legal to feed birds in Canada?

Feeding of wildlife is generally discouraged as part of the overall effort to reduce human-wildlife contact, conflicts and disease transmission.

How do I get my neighbor to stop feeding birds?

Add silhouettes of predator birds.

A scarecrow or a silhouette of a hawk, owl or snake can do the trick. Monitor when your neighbor feeds the birds, and set out the decoys before the birds are fed. Set them in a different location every day so they stay effective and the birds don’t get used to them.

Is feeding wildlife illegal in Ontario?

Dangers of feeding wildlife

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You will attract unwanted animals to your home and neighbourhood. Animals associate humans with food and do not hunt for their natural food. They can become more aggressive. Human food is unhealthy for wildlife and may cause disease, injury or death.