What’s all this talk of a Transit merger really mean?

There was along discussion online about people wanting to merge Guelph Transit with Grand River Transit (Waterloo Region). There has been talks of regional transit cooperation on and off for over 30 years.

While the idea of a merger is solid in theory, there are many factors at play and many different options that would need to be considered before anyone jumps into bed with each other.

From Funding to Fares, municipal officials would have to come up with a governance model to determine how a new transit agency and/or partnership would be funded and operated.

There are several different models that could be considered: the status quo while looking to expand into Wellington County (Fergus); a partnership between GRT and Guelph as well as Wellington County (Fergus) on new regional routes; a consolidated model in which Waterloo Region’s GRT, Guelph Transit and other communities would merge some of their transit services into a single consolidated system such as planning and customer service (call centre); and a regional model, in which all transit services would be handed over to a newly created Regional Transit Authority made up of Waterloo Region, Guelph, Wellington County (Fergus) and others.

All of this could potentially come up in the upcoming Guelph Transit Service Review.

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