Platform: Every Voice Counts In Guelph

As hardworking residents of the City of Guelph, we find ourselves standing at a crossroads with the direction of what kind of city we all want and how we can get there.

Many residents feel disengaged from their political representatives. They feel decisions are being made by a few bureaucrats and that their elected officials are not “listening” to them.

I refuse to accept that politics must be negative or cynical. I feel compelled to get involved and bring positive, constructive energy to city hall.

The time has come where inviting community participation and genuinely using the democratic process are critical to the integrity of our city government and planning our future and the trust that we as Guelph citizens have in it to make our city a better place for everyone.

To do this, we must progress past the pursuit of just policy but seek to change our politics as well. This means “Every Voice Counts in Guelph” This is the only way we can shine a beacon of light on city government practices to have real transparency in the decisions, actions, and values we govern and live by.

As you review my website, you will see how I have introduced some ideas on making Every Voice Count in Guelph better.

  1. Open Government
  2. Neighbourhoods First
  3. Economic Sustainability
  4. Affordable Living
  5. Accountability