Platform: Every Voice Counts In Guelph

Many residents feel disengaged from their political representatives. They feel decisions are being made by a few bureaucrats and that their elected officials are not “listening” to them.

I refuse to accept that politics must be negative or cynical. I feel compelled to get involved and bring positive, constructive energy to city hall.

My platform is built on three important pillars:

Collaboration, Accountability, and Thinking Forward.

Within each pillar, there are specific values and commitments I will bring to the role of Ward 3 Guelph City Councillor.

For details on specific issues please visit my blog section to learn more about where I stand on opportunities facing Guelph. If there is something you want to know my position on that I have not yet posted about, please reach out and connect with me.

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Create and enhance partnerships with local business and communities to accomplish common goals
Work together to strengthen the economy, creating stronger neighbourhoods where people live, work, and play.

Identify creative ideas from the community 
Ensure that all individuals in the community have a voice and that grassroots initiatives are encouraged.

Create meaningful partnerships with businesses, communities and other levels of government
Working better together can make our city better.

More innovative use of City facilities and programs to benefit the community as a whole
Share resources, ideas, and spaces to better connect citizens, services and programs


Approachable and accessible representation
Provide improved access to the city council and City departments through more direct on the ground contact with the community.

Quality services for all citizens of Guelph
Ensure efficient and effective use of City resources, programs, services, and taxes to benefit the public good.

Investing in communities
Smart, balanced growth and responsible development which is inclusive, transit-oriented, efficient and beneficial to the long-term success of the city.

Transparency and clarity in City communications and actions
Create better and more positive dialogue, increase our sharing of information, and improve our relationships between businesses, community members, community groups and City Hall.

Thinking Forward

Build sustainable, accessible communities that provide opportunities and services for all stages of life
Make neighbourhoods more complete by improving programs, services, and amenities for all ages and background.

Build for a strong future without losing sight of our current needs
Ensure there is a balance between planning for our long-term future while making sure residents have what they need today.

Empower community members, community groups, and businesses to influence change through meaningful engagement
Acknowledge and trust in the expertise and experience all stakeholders bring to projects and programs. Make every voice count – our community depends on it.