Why am I running?


Why I am running for City Council

My name is Steven Petric. I am running for city council in Ward 3 in the municipal elections scheduled for October 22nd 2018.

I believe Guelph is an incredible community with so much to offer every one of us. It’s time that we all have a bigger voice in making that happen. We need more perspectives that accurately represent the population of our city, and I want to do that by listening to you. I want to represent all people who live here and do what I can to make every voice count in our city government.

There has been a lot of negativity in politics lately and I don’t think it has to be that way. We are better than that. Building relationships with all people is important to me. I believe in the value of community engagement and will encourage and facilitate positive conversations that produce meaningful results.

We need to challenge the status quo in ways that are innovative, involving a collaborative approach aimed at finding a good balance. We can work together and communicate with one another in progressive, significant ways to create outcomes that will have long term benefits for Ward 3 and our city.

There are 130,000 different voices in Guelph. Each one has a different opinion, viewpoint, background and experience. I am only one voice. My personal views will be a small part of my decision-making process.

I believe in searching for common ground and working together toward compromise is the right way to approach solving our problems today and the ones yet to come.

Compromise isn’t a dirty word. In fact, it’s the only way our democracy can get things done.

Most importantly, I promise to work tirelessly for everyone in Ward 3 as a full-time councillor, being open and accessible and following my 3 key pillars of Collaboration, Accountability, and Forward Thinking.

I thank you for your support! Please contact me anytime to chat about my platform.