Why am I running?

Why I am running for City Council

My name is Steven Petric. I am running for city council in Ward 3 in the municipal elections scheduled for October 22nd 2018.

I am passionate about our community and want to do my part to keep Guelph great.

We’ll do that be running a transparent, efficient government, investing in our public places, listening to our residents, and promoting balanced development.

Many residents feel disengaged from their political representatives. They feel decision are being made by bureaucrats and that their local representatives are not “listening” to them. I refuse to accept that politics must be negative or cynical. I feel compelled to get involved and bring positive, constructive energy to city hall.

Politicians sometimes tend to stick to their personal political views that don’t always jibe with everyone including city staff and other councillors. Many politicians tend to also say they don’t let it affect their choices yet we watch as they close their mind to exploring alternatives being presented by others.

There are 140,000 different voices in Guelph. Each one has a different opinion, viewpoint, background and experience. I am only one voice. My personal views will be a small part of my decision-making process. Members of Council are elected to serve and represent the community as a whole and that is what I will do. We can have people who will listen on Council.

I am a listener. I want to listen and learn from you, from city staff, from other councillors, and from other places far and wide. I want us to take that information and work hard together to build consensus and compromise on the critical issues we face as a city. That is what a good City Councillor does.

Most importantly, I promise to work tirelessly for everyone in Ward 3 as a full-time councillor, being open and accessible as much as possible to represent our Ward at City Hall. Find out more by clicking here.

I thank you for your support!

Steven Petric

On October 22nd, Vote for Steven Petric for Ward 3

Let’s meet for Coffee! Contact Steve at votepetric@gmail.com