Overview of the upcoming Guelph Transit Service Review

Guelph Transit provides transportation services to an average of seven million boardings annually. This service was chosen to undergo a business service review in late 2017, however, due to a delay with another review, the start of the Transit review was delayed until Spring 2018. This Transit Business Service Review will be conducted utilizing the Council approved […]


A guide to a frequent, affordable, and accessible transit system in Guelph

“Transit works best where there are many destinations along something that feels like a straight line.” – Jarrett Walker, Human Transit Note: The following article contains research from a report prepared by “Functional Transit Winnipeg” called “MAKING TRANSIT FUNCTIONAL: A guide to a frequent, affordable, and accessible system in Winnipeg” I have modified and edited parts […]

Newswire Transit

Moving Guelph Forward: The future of Transit in the Royal City

Summary Below courtesy of Robert Mackenzie – Transit Toronto Guelph is one of several medium and smaller municipalities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area that have made major changes to their transit systems over the past few years. (For the record, the others are Barrie, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Oakville and Peterborough.) Some of these network reviews have […]