What is Bus stop balancing and how it can help Guelph buses move faster

This is a continuation of my articles on Transit: Part 1: A guide to a frequent, affordable, and accessible transit system in Guelph Part 2: Essential Elements of Good Transit Part 3: Coverage vs Frequency: What is it and how can we make it work in Guelph Information reposted from TransitCenter Read more about the Basics: The […]


Public transit resources for Transit Users of Guelph

Help create a Transit Advocacy Group Public transit resources for Transit Users of Guelph Looking for public transit-related resources? You’ll find them below. City of Guelph reports, blogs with frequent public transit related items, and even public transit-related research to inform and educate. Will be updated with more links throughout the week. System Map and […]


Essential Elements of Good Transit

“Essential Elements of Good Transit” information (and edited with Guelph specific content) is courtesy of “It’s more than buses: Advocates for Better Transit in Halifax” Fast Fast transit service can reduce travel time, making transit a better choice for more travellers. Faster service also helps encourage more drivers to use transit. We advocate three main […]


Safe Semester returns to Downtown Guelph this September

News Release Guelph, Ont., September 1, 2016 – On September 9, the annual Safe Semester project kicks off to create a safe and enjoyable downtown environment for students and patrons. The project involves the coordination of road closures and additional amenities in the city’s core to improve road safety, and decrease instances of littering, public […]

Newswire Transit

Moving Guelph Forward: The future of Transit in the Royal City

Summary Below courtesy of Robert Mackenzie – Transit Toronto Guelph is one of several medium and smaller municipalities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area that have made major changes to their transit systems over the past few years. (For the record, the others are Barrie, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Oakville and Peterborough.) Some of these network reviews have […]