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Smartphone photo contest guelPhonography now on until the end of August


Guelphonography is an annually-run photo contest held in Guelph that promotes creativity in capturing beautiful images of our fair city. It runs throughout August and finishes with a gallery showing at the The Bookshelf/eBar (where contest winners are announced) and Atmosphere Cafe+etc

guelPhonography celebrates the creativity of residents, expressed through the lens of their smart phone.

Throughout this month, mobile phone photographers are invited to snap pictures around the city and share them on social media with a hashtag of #guelphonography. Social media includes Twitter, Instagram,  and Facebook.

Those looking to take part in the contest can enter up to three photos. Shots can be of anything that makes Guelph beautiful and you are allowed to use phone photo editing applications to add filters and effects to your image. 20 photos will be selected and displayed. The contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 in Ontario.

For more details visit the GuelphPhonography website and view the video below for last years winners.

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