People First

Let’s try something different

Let’s try to have a city government that is extraordinarily transparent and open to hearing innovative ideas. Just because we have done something one way at City Hall does not mean we have to keep doing it the same way. We need leaders who are actually responsive to input from the community and leading with legislation that brings compromise and consensus.

Let’s try to share our thoughts before they are formed and polished so that our ideas can be nurtured and spread to places beyond our own backyard.

Let’s trust public input. The virtual public square can be more than just complaints and can actually be a place of community and respectful conversation.

Most importantly, let’s try to build something together.

Working together – citizens, business, city staff and city council – to try to build a community that we all want to be a part of and proud of.

I’m Steven Petric and I am running to be your City Councillor for Ward 3 in Guelph.

Between now and October 22nd, my mission is to listen to the residents of Ward 3, understand your concerns, and tell you about who I am and how I will be a strong representative for you if you choose to elect me.

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