Overview of the upcoming Guelph Transit Service Review

Guelph Transit provides transportation services to an average of seven million boardings annually. This service was chosen to undergo a business service review in late 2017, however, due to a delay with another review, the start of the Transit review was delayed until Spring 2018.

This Transit Business Service Review will be conducted utilizing the Council approved Business Service Review Framework Implementation Report and will examine the relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of Transit services to ensure resources are allocated to achieve the best outcomes for the city and to support long-term sustainability.

The review will examine the processes involved in providing this service to identify improvements for effective and efficient delivery of the service as well as reviewing alternative service delivery methods.

There will be a public consultation component as well as the use of a Consultant to assist in gathering information and data.

Read the full report below:

Transit Business Service Review Overview

You can also read the Consultant Terms of Reference here:


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