Think “Outside the Box” with Art

See below my presentation I sent to Guelph City Council, select City Staff and Local Groups.

A “Outside the Box” program would provide an opportunity for local artists to create works of art on traffic signal boxes across Downtown Guelph and potentially be expanded to the entire city pending funding.

A quick side note:

“For decades, cities have benefitted from a diversity of opportunities that utilize professional artists to beautify public spaces & tell local stories. These type of public art projects were envisioned in the original Public Art Policy for #Guelph

Most Public Art Policies have a % for art funding model connected to eligible  capital projects.  Funds are then pooled to do projects. Guelph chose not to go that route but  rather, wait to each year end to allocate if there was a surplus.” That has not happened and should be reversed to what other cities are doing so we can have programs like Toronto’s properly funded long-term.

Proposal - Outside the Box (Final)
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