Guelph Election 2018

Guelph Mercury Tribune Candidate Profile

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What is the most important issue facing your ward?

There are many issues facing Ward 3 now and in future years. From transit to infill development to our aging infrastructure – these critical issues will need to be addressed by working together.

I believe we need to have a more collaborative approach to the issues we face as a city. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. By creating better and more positive dialogue, increasing our sharing of information, and improving, acknowledging, and trusting in the expertise and experience of our businesses, community members, and city staff, we can work together to build consensus and compromise on the issues we face as a community.

We must start thinking forward for Ward 3. Managing infill and development in a way that is compatible with neighbourhoods is critical. We also need creative traffic calming measures to address the ongoing speeding on our streets. Ward 3 also has some of the oldest infrastructure in the city and we will need to make sure it is front and centre for replacement and repair in a timely manner. Transit can be frequent, reliable, and affordable for all citizens but needs a clear plan and investment to make it work.

Government officials and city staff must be responsive to resident concerns and understand they have a duty to serve the public. Residents must feel connected to and supported by their local government. City hall has a duty to listen to the over 130,000 diverse voices of our city, find solutions that are balanced, and be accountable.

Why are you running for council?

I believe Guelph is an incredible community with so much to offer every one of us. It’s time that we all have a bigger voice in making that happen. We need more perspectives that accurately represent the population of our city, and I want to do that by listening to you. I’m running for city council because I care what happens in our city every day. I want to represent all people who live here and to do what I can to make every voice count in our city government.

I believe in the value of community engagement, cherish the diversity of our community, and care about the future of our city.

There has been a lot of negativity in politics and I don’t think it has to be that way. We are better than that. I want to encourage and facilitate positive conversations that produce meaningful results, built on compromise and consensus. We have a great city – people I speak to are generally happy living here but do think there are areas where improvements can be made. We need to challenge the status quo in ways that are innovative, involving a collaborative approach. We can work together and communicate with one another in positive, significant ways to produce outcomes that benefit us all.

We get to determine our future. We really do. I want to hear where you want Guelph to go and don’t want it to go. Every voice counts in Guelph – our community depends on it.

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