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Platform: Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

We have had a long and significant history of economic and industrial leadership within Guelph. Economic development is very crucial for the growth and prosperity of any community. The ability to obtain well-paying and secure employment is important.

The environment for economic development is highly competitive across Southern Ontario. The City needs to continue playing a role in promoting economic development.

Collaboration Builds the Economy 

We can attract more business investment, build a robust local economy while continuing to create a collaborative environment for startups, entrepreneurs, makers, producers, and innovators.

  • For businesses considering locating here, establishing one point of entry is crucial to simplifying their ability to do business. Through initiatives like Grow Guelph, and organizations like Guelph Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Guelph, the Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre, and the Centre for Business and Student Enterprise (CBaSE) we can and will make it even easier for potential business to locate and expand here.
  • We must also not forget those who are here now. We must work harder at retaining existing industry and ensuring that we are able to respond to their needs for continued success. We must offer our existing industrial base with land and space for growth.
  • We need Guelph to diversify the local business economy to an economy geared for the 21st Century. This means making decisions that provide equitable access for all citizens to the vital resource of the digital economy.
  • Small and Medium sized business contribute to a strong, diversified economy. We need to continue to develop policy and enhance tools with our partners to protect and enhance small business.
  • Improve connections between Provincial and Federal programs with local ones to attract new business and help existing ones grow.
  • Continue to check planning and development regulations to encourage a more efficient response to development.

Make the Basics Great

If you ask any citizen or business located within Guelph why they stay, they’ll tell you they want safe streets, beautiful parks, good schools, fluid traffic and transit options and government that’s actually transparent.

Cities are using technology to deliver. Guelph must provide large amounts of data on government performance in areas that are useful to small businesses.. Cities that can provide businesses with good, concise information about relevant factors – economic performance, wellbeing of the population and where entrepreneurs are located, for example – will be the ones that attract investment. If we can use that data to tell a story, even better. There are many cost-effective tools available that some cities have already adopted to help tell their story and where we can learn from to enhance ours.

As we get closer to Election Day, I will be posting more on this topic and will add more points to this posting!

“I know that Guelph is one of the best places in the country to live, that’s why my Grandfather immigrated from Yugoslavia and settled in Guelph on Durham Street in Ward 3 over 75 years ago. It is why much of my family and relatives have stayed here and raised their kids here and why we have served in the community over the years. But, there is real work to do here in Guelph to make the Royal City an even more amazing place to live, work and play, and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves to get started building with you a better city for future generations to come”

Steven Petric – Ward 3 Candidate for Guelph City Council




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