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Robert Munsch

Did you know there is a website that lists many of the Famous people from Guelph?

This unique database was started in November 2013 by the Guelph Public Library to help Guelphities learn about our city’s finest actors, musicians, athletes, authors, government officials, and historical figures.

Since its launch, Library staff have added over 200 names to the list.

If you have a famous Guelphite you would like to see added to our collection, please contact Meg Forestell-Page at or 519-824-6220 ext. 306.

To view the portal, visit

Did you know Guelph is home to:

  • Award-winning athletes, like former NHLer Rich Peverley,  and Olympic swimmer, Victor Davis
  • Famous actors & actresses, like Neve Campbell of the “Scream” horror films
  • Distinguished authors, like the iconic Robert Munsch
  • Significant historical figures, like fashion designer Lady Duff Gordon and her sister Elinor Glyn who were both Titanic survivor.
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