Guelph Election 2018 Candidate Profile: Ward 3, Steven Petric

You can read my full profile by clicking here or reading below. MEET THE CANDIDATES: Ward 3, Steven Petric ‘For growing cities like Guelph, it is essential that we strengthen our community engagement, cherish the diversity of our community, and care about the future of our city’ GuelphToday asked candidates for council in the […]

Platform of Ideas

Platform: Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability We have had a long and significant history of economic and industrial leadership within Guelph. Economic development is very crucial for the growth and prosperity of any community. The ability to obtain well-paying and secure employment is important. The environment for economic development is highly competitive across Southern Ontario. The City needs to continue […]


Personal Vehicles Versus Public Transit & The Environmental Case for Public Transit

Personal Vehicles Versus Public Transit At What Cost? Car drivers are only paying the direct costs of operating their vehicles, but we’re all paying the rest of the price: congestion, pollution, and road maintenance.  One busload of passengers is responsible for 40 fewer vehicles on the road during rush hours, saves 70,000 litres of fuel, […]


Summary of Jarrett Walker’s book “Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking About Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives”

The following is a great summary from the Manitoba Eco-Network of the key points of Jarret Walker’s book “Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking About Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives” Source website material can be found here. I have written further articles on many of these topics which can all be found at […]


What is Bus stop balancing and how it can help Guelph buses move faster

This is a continuation of my articles on Transit: Part 1: A guide to a frequent, affordable, and accessible transit system in Guelph Part 2: Essential Elements of Good Transit Part 3: Coverage vs Frequency: What is it and how can we make it work in Guelph Information reposted from TransitCenter Read more about the Basics: The […]


Overview of the upcoming Guelph Transit Service Review

Guelph Transit provides transportation services to an average of seven million boardings annually. This service was chosen to undergo a business service review in late 2017, however, due to a delay with another review, the start of the Transit review was delayed until Spring 2018. This Transit Business Service Review will be conducted utilizing the Council approved […]


Help create a Transit Advocacy Group for Guelph!

Help Build a Transit Advocacy Group for Guelph! A Transit Advocacy Group is the ideal way to represent community transit interests, influence key policymakers, attract media attention and have an impact on funding decisions. Working together, we can better advocate for a city where public transit is easy to use, is a viable transportation choice for all […]