Guelph by Steven Petric

This website is intended to connect Guelphites to new and exciting ideas, opinions and suggestions. The main goal is to inform and enlighten the citizens of the City of Guelph about issues we are facing in our community.

It is my hope that much of this information is taken into consideration by many people including but not limited to city council, city staff, community groups, business and neighbourhoods.

I strongly encourage the citizens of this great city for their input on these postings. I look forward to hearing from you about your favorite topics.

Guelph by Steven Petric is your hub for dispatches from the streets of Guelph. Offering both analysis and a forum for discussion on the city we live in. This site will cover news, events, art, urban planning, just about anything that affects our city!

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Vintage Guelph (www.vintageguelph.com)

Guelph, the way it was. The roads, the people, and the architecture.

This page looks to the past from a nostalgic vantage point & encourages you to share your own photos, videos, & memories. Old Pictures, memories, adverts….or anything else you consider Vintage Guelph!

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  1. Hi There,
    First of all I must say I really love and enjoy your site. Love all the old pictures – great memories!!

    Reason why I am email you, there is a photo we LOVE here at our office. I work for Ramar Contractors/ Jaral Holdings on Laird Rd in Guelph. The photo is one taken Nov 29, 1966 that is downtown with the Christmas lights. I am just starting to design our Christmas cards and would love to use this picture to represent our gorgeous city. Is this possible? Is there permission I would need? OR give credit on the card somehow?? Any information would be great. Thank you in advance

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