Who is Steven Petric?

Photo Chris Seto, Mercury Tribune

Steven Petric was born and raised in Guelph. He has spent the past 8 years living in the Exhibition Park area of Ward 3, the same ward his Grandfather settled and started a family in over 65 years ago.

For growing cities like Guelph, it is essential that we strengthen our community engagement, cherish the diversity of our community, and care about the future of our city.

Steven is the right person to represent you on these and more. He has spent over 20 years working in the customer service field, which has given him great opportunities to listen and learn from people with various backgrounds and experiences. He values open, honest, and straightforward communication.

Being a candidate for councillor in 2000, 2003 and 2010, Steven has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to connect with my neighbours and listen and learn about their ideas and concerns.

He worked as a community advocate sitting on the Transit Advisory Committee and co-founding the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph. He also a member of the Guelph Collation for Active Transportation and the Guelph Arts Council.

His past community involvement has included the Guelph Mercury Community Editorial Board, Guelph Youth Council, New Years Eve Committee, Youth Centre Project, and Guelph Youth Strategy Steering Committee.

He is also the founder of Vintage Guelph – A look back at Guelphs past.

Steven looks forward to meeting you and hearing about the issues that affect your lives every day. If Steven receives the privilege of earning your trust and your vote, he will bring all of his diverse skills as well as his passion for the community to work for and with you for Ward 3 and Guelph.

Read Steven’s Platform here which is based on 3 key pillars of Collaboration, Accountability, and Forward Thinking.

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  1. Hi There,
    First of all I must say I really love and enjoy your site. Love all the old pictures – great memories!!

    Reason why I am email you, there is a photo we LOVE here at our office. I work for Ramar Contractors/ Jaral Holdings on Laird Rd in Guelph. The photo is one taken Nov 29, 1966 that is downtown with the Christmas lights. I am just starting to design our Christmas cards and would love to use this picture to represent our gorgeous city. Is this possible? Is there permission I would need? OR give credit on the card somehow?? Any information would be great. Thank you in advance

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